ICO 日历


Date Asset One Liner Blockchain Website Slack Reddit Twitter
February 26 PeerPlays On-chain Gaming and Tournaments Graphene-based Link Link Link Link
March 15 Creativechain Multimedia marketplace for distributed intellectual property (New) Link Link
March 20 Sikoba P2P IOUs Ethereum Link Link
March 28 SuperDAO Ethereum Dapp Incubator Ethereum Link Link
March 31 Centz Blockchain-based Gift Cards Ethereum Link
April 3 MetaGold Indie Games using Blockchain Ethereum Link Link Link
April 7 LeviarCoin DRM over BlockChain (New) Link Link
April 15 Ethbits Fiat to Cryptoccurency Exchange Ethereum Link Link
April 25 MobileGo Gaming Platform Ethereum / Waves Link Link Link
May 1 BlockPool Blockchain Solutions For Modern Business BlockPool Link Link
May 1 Adel DAO for Investing Ethereum Link Link
May 10 BOScoin Platform for Trust Contracts (New) Link Link Link
May 17 Aragon Network Decentralized Jurisdiction Ethereum Link Link
May 19 Storj Decentralized Cloud Storage Ethereum Link Link Link
May 30 Mysterium Decentralized VPN Ethereum Link Link
May 31 BAT Basic Attention Token: Blockchain-based digital advertising Ethereum Link Link Link Link
June 1 DRP Democratizing Venture Capitalism Ethereum Link Link
June 7 Decentralized VC platform Ethereum Link Link Link
June 12 Bancor Instant Liquidity for Any Cryptocurrency Ethereum Link Link Link Link
June 20 Status A Mobile Ethereum OS Ethereum Link Link Link Link
June 21 Civic Identity Platform Rootstock Link Link Link
July 1 Dentacoin (Presale) The first Blockchain Concept for the Global Dental Industry Ethereum Link Link Link
July 1 Tezos A New Digital Commonwealth (New) Link Link Link
July 7 Blocktix Event hosting platform designed for the real world Ethereum Link Link Link Link


Rough Start Asset One Liner Blockchain Website Slack Invite Link Reddit Twitter
May OmiseGO E-wallet + Merchant Integrations, bank the unbanked Ethereum Link
Q2 CodeTract Gold token, USD token, Token Auction and Receive salary in tokens Ethereum Link
Mid-July REX Global Real Estate Listings & Transactions Ethereum Link Link
May-July Starbase Crowdfunding & Sourcing Ethereum for STAR token, Waves, Cosmos, Bitcoin Link Link

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